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Yale University has long been an epicenter of entrepreneurial and venture capital activity. With an abundance of resources and well-connected alumni, many successful startups have grown out of the University.

Yale has an extensive suite of resources available to aspiring entrepreneurs. The Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI) offers a range of programs, from one-on-one consulting to venture capital funding. The YEI helps entrepreneurs identify customer needs, develop a viable business model, and secure funding. They also provide a network of mentors and advisors to help guide startups through the early stages of development.

Yale also has a strong network of venture capitalists (VCs). Notable VCs include Dwight Robinette, Peter Litt, and David Blitzer who have all invested in or mentored startups out of the University. In addition, the University hosts the Yale Venture Summit each year which connects startups to potential investors and partners.

Many successful startups have also come out of Yale. Notable ones include mobile healthcare app, Virtual Health Partners, founded by 2015 YEI Fellow, Ryan Panchadsaram. Another popular startup is O ora, a mobile platform that helps users find local farmers’ markets. O ora was founded by a team of four Yale students and has seen tremendous success, raising over $1 million in venture capital funding.

In conclusion, Yale has a vibrant startup and VC ecosystem. With plenty of resources and a strong network of VCs and mentors, the University has been an ideal environment for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.

As a Scout, You Can...

Kickstart Your Venture Capital Career

Showing your skills in picking successful startups and advising founders is the surest way to build your reputation and secure a venture capital role.

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Help Your Ecosystem Thrive

Your community, region, or group thrives when its founders are given the chance to succeed before going back and reinvesting in their comunities.

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Earn a Share in Startups Without Investing in Them

Earn a share in startups you scout without the funds to invest directly just like a VC partner.

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Monetise Your Content & Community

As a podcaster, community manager, or event organiser you have a front-row seat to interesting startups which you can monetise by helping them fundraise.

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Create a Fairer Society

By identifying under-represented founders you're level the playing field for anyone to success based on merit independent from their social or ethnic background.

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Help Friends Get Funded

Help your friends who are neck-deep in their startups get the funding they need to succeed.

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Grow Your Personal Brand

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Startup Investor?

Are you an investor interested in new opportunities originating from Yale? We offer dealflow opportunities from the university's students, startups, and innovations. Get access to the latest ideas now!

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Do you help run a co-working space as an organiser or a greeter? Do you come across interesting entrepreneurs and startups?

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