Give your organisation an edge by turning your team into active innovation scouts.

Superscout's immersive workshops empower your team to acquire essential innovation skills. Through real-life examples and interactive sessions, learn how to spot, assess, and nurture innovations, communicate their potential, and engage external stakeholders for growth. Unleash your team's innovation potential with our hands-on educational workshops.

  • Learn expert innovation spotting: Cultivate a team skilled in identifying groundbreaking innovations.
  • Acquire the ability to assess innovations effectively and objectively.
  • Empower your team to nurture new ideas from conception to fruition.
  • Learn the art of communicating innovation potential to stakeholders.
  • Learn through hands-on experience with industry-specific cases.
  • Address your organisation's unique scouting needs and challenges.
  • Continue growth with post-workshop guidance and supplementary resources.

Turn your team into innovation scouts: Enquire now and keep your organisation on the cutting edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

It's designed for teams, departments, and organisations seeking to empower their members with innovation spotting skills and keep their edge in the industry.

What is the pricing?

The pricing is $1500 for a half-day session and $2500 for a full-day session. For in-person workshops, travel costs are additional.

Can the workshops happen online?

Absolutely! Workshops can be conducted online or in-person based on your specific needs and the facilitator's availability.

What is the format of the workshops?

Our workshops are collaborative, interactive, and hands-on. Tailored to your organisation's needs and team members' skill levels for an engaging learning experience.

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