Scouts (General)

Kickstart Your Venture Capital Career

Showing your skills in picking successful startups and advising founders is the surest way to build your reputation and secure a venture capital role.

With Superscout You Can...

Get Your Instant Scout Network

Get your own scout network instantly letting us do all the recruiting, screening, promotion, training, and community management that comes with that.

Promote Diversity

Diversify your deal-flow and avoid bias with a wide set of scouts from all ethnic backgrounds, genders, ages, walks of life, and backgrounds.

Expand Your Dealflow

Your returns start with access to the right deals. Work with us to expand your deal-flow to new geographies, up-and-coming knowledge hubs, and under-the-radar communities.

Get Better Terms

Valuation inflation is real and you win by getting in early. Get access to earlier pre-accelerator deals to get better returns.

Invest in Trends Faster

Identified an interesting niche? Broadcast your deal needs to our network to take your deal-flow in a new lucrative direction.

Only Pay When You Win

Our carry-share model means that we're 100% aligned and are only compensated for sharing with you great deals that generate top returns. There are no other upfront or monthly costs for using our service.

How It Works

Share Your Deal Preferences

Tell us about your ideal investments and start receiving thesis-matching deal memos from our scout network.

Request an Introduction

Once you come across a startup you like request a mutual introduction to the founders to hearmore and for further due diligence.

Complete Your Investment

Once you're ready, complete your investment adding Superscout as a carry-share partner.

Investor Use Cases

Solo GP's

The answer to less resources is deal sharing. But partner networks take time to build up. Get instant access to our full scout network without tapping into your management fee.

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Syndicate Leads

Bring your syndicate participants earlier and better pre-vetted allocations that will fill themselves.

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Expanding to New Geos

Accelerate your expansion into new strategic innovation hotbeds without the need for feet on the ground.

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Firms With Scouts

Have an existing scout program? We hear you. Add Superscout as another scout with the same terms to 10x your network.

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Upcoming Funds

First-time fund manager? Get to first close faster and motivate limited partners to get in early by tapping into our scout network for deal warehousing.

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Going Early Stage

Finding valuations getting out of control and deciding to get in earlier? Tap into our scout network for access to pre-vetted early-stage deals with better terms.

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As a Scout, You Can...

Kickstart Your Venture Capital Career

Showing your skills in picking successful startups and advising founders is the surest way to build your reputation and secure a venture capital role.

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Help Your Ecosystem Thrive

Your community, region, or group thrives when its founders are given the chance to succeed before going back and reinvesting in their comunities.

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Earn a Share in Startups Without Investing in Them

Earn a share in startups you scout without the funds to invest directly just like a VC partner.

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Monetise Your Content & Community

As a podcaster, community manager, or event organiser you have a front-row seat to interesting startups which you can monetise by helping them fundraise.

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Create a Fairer Society

By identifying under-represented founders you're level the playing field for anyone to success based on merit independent from their social or ethnic background.

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Help Friends Get Funded

Help your friends who are neck-deep in their startups get the funding they need to succeed.

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Find More Liquidity for Your Deals

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Grow Your Venture Capital Contacts

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Grow Your Personal Brand

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How It Works

Apply to Join

Apply to join as a scout. We welcome people from all backgrounds and walks of life with a genuine interest in helping startups.

Send Us Relevant Deals

Send us startup funding deals you come across using our deal memo template.

Earn Your Carry

When VC's decide to invest in your referred startup, you are reserved a share of the the investor's future profits (otherwise known as carry).

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