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Investment Focus

Calm Company Fund believes that "entrepreneurship is an inherent societal good and a key driver of innovation & creativity, stronger communities, and generational wealth. The future of entrepreneurship is profitable, sustainable, calm companies." They believe that their mission. is "to maximize the number of successful entrepreneurs leveraging the internet and technology." and state that they are "building the pre-eminent ecosystem for founders and funders of calm companies, while catalyzing the opportunity for more funds, services, and partners focused on serving these businesses."

How are scouts compensated?

Scouts can choose between a cash compensation or a carry-share for each startup they refer that goes on to receive an investment.

For the cash compensation when the successful deal is referred without a deal memo, the compensation is $2000 and with a deal memo it's $5000. For the carry-share, Calm Fund is offering 10% of their carry on the deal. These figures increase for scouts who submit multiple successful deals.

How can deals be sourced?

Calm Company Fund is open to where new deals are being sourced from as they hope to access various networks.

Are there any minimum startups to refer per scout?

The program does not set a specific minimum of deals.



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