The smarter way to fundraise for busy founders.

Receive investment offers for your startup by working with venture capital scouts who understand your business, stage, and geography. Through their VC relationships, scouts who believe in your idea and team can help you secure funds without costing your startup anything in equity or payment.

Apply For Funding


Focus Protection

We pitch you to venture capital firms without any interruption to your development activities.

Alumni Network Forever

Benefit from our growing alumni network after going through the accelerator.

Free to Join

You don't need to pay anything to join the program. We get compensated directly from the VC firms.

No Learning. Just the Fundraising.

You know how to run a startup and there are plenty of resources out there.

1-Minute Application

No need for lengthy application process. Apply in less than one minute. We'll respond to you by tomorrow.

Protect Your Equity

Join the demo day without giving away any of your startup's precious equity.

How It Works

Get Matched With a Scout

Tell us a bit about your startup so we can match you with a relevant scout. It's absolutely free.

Work With the Scout

Share information about your progress and ambitions with the scout to help them formulate a deal memo that we share with investors.

Receive Funding!

Receive an investment on your terms from one or more investors in our network without paying any commissions or fees to anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the application process?

There is no application process. Once your startup is scouted, the scouts collaborate with you to put together a document to present you to investors. When a scout decides to work with you, they are putting their reputation on the line to help your startup and are vouching for you.

Does the accelerator include classes and workshops about starting a startup?

No. We may be happy to point you to videos or learning resources, and you can also ask your scout for help along the way, but we believe that there are plenty of resources online and the needs of advice differs widely based on your stage, location, that it is counter productive to share general startup advice, etc. 

Where does the demo day happen?

It’s fully remote. I’m fact we’re unsure if you’ll need to present at the current stage. 

How much does it cost?

You pay nothing at all to our scouts and to us. Instead we take a share of the investor’s future profit that comes directly from their share and doesn’t affect you or your startup’s valuation.

What's in it for the scouts?

We pick our scouts based on an inherent belief in startups and a desire to help them and their ecosystem in general. Scouts are also motivated to help because by facilitating the investment they will be secured a percentage of the investor’s future returns when your startup succeeds or exits.