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Event Organisers

Do you organise an event, conference, or trade show? Help your founder attendees get discovered.

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Successful Founders

Are you a successful founder who others look up to as a role model?

Scout startups in your ecosystem →

University Students

Are you active in the entrepreneurship club at your college? Doing an MBA? Or are you a PHD student at a technical university? Help your fellow students get funded.

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Co-Working Space Organisers

Do you help run a co-working space as an organiser or a greeter? Do you come across interesting entrepreneurs and startups?

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Learning Resources

Access to a growing set of resources to help you become a successful scout including our glossary, FAQ, in-depth guides, and free video course.

A Supportive Community

A supportive global community of startup enthusiasts like you to learn from and network with.


A fair compensation whenever you refer a startup that receives funding from our partners.

Join the Movement

If you want to eventually work at a venture fund, the VC partners will look at your scout track record.

Elad Gil

Invested in Airbnb, Pinterest, Square, and Stripe.

We’re seeing some investment in areas which are not the ones we’re spending a tonne of time on at seed-stage. Our starters community is taking our interest towards areas we didn’t know existed.

Luca Bocchio

Partner at Accel Partners

Accel has found a simple way to make it stand out from the crowd: it’s given each scout a bucketload of capital.

Amy Lewin

Deputy editor, Sifted. Covering startups and tech, backed by the FT

I guess the next and final question is: what kind of scout programmes can we build, drawing from the example the US and the UK has set for us ?

Ulysse Laroche

Writer at the Rookie VC. Investor at Evolem.

They’ll never get enough credit for this, but one thing Sequoia did was use scouts to radically increase the amount of diversity in the industry.

Jason Calacanis

Early investor in Uber, Robinhood, and others. Host of the All In Podcast.

The best source of info on scout programs, so great job!

Lenny Rachitsky

Author of Lenny's Newsletter, angel investor, and ex Airbnb growth leader.