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Mucker Capital is a unique player in the startup and VC ecosystem. Based in Los Angeles, it operates both as a traditional venture capital firm and as an accelerator. Mucker Capital was founded by Erik Rannala and William Hsu who pooled their extensive industry experience in a vision to support early-stage companies.

One of Mucker Capital's notable success stories is ServiceTitan. The software platform for home services businesses was an early investment for Mucker Capital. ServiceTitan has shown significant growth and as of 2021, it boasts a valuation of over $8 billion, clearly demonstrating Mucker Capital's knack for identifying and nurturing promising startups.

No doubt, Mucker Capital's credibility also lies with its co-founders, Erik Rannala and William Hsu. Prior to founding Mucker Capital, Rannala held high-level positions at well-known companies such as Harrison Metal, eBay, and Venture Strategy Partners. Hsu, on the other hand, held executive roles at Green Dot, AT&T, and eBay. Their experiences undoubtedly play a significant role in Mucker's successful portfolio of companies.

MuckerLab, the accelerator program of Mucker Capital, particularly stands out as a core aspect of Mucker's portfolio. MuckerLab works with early-stage companies, offering education, funding and resources necessary for their growth. It is specifically focused on the hard work that accompanies the inception stages of start-up growth, with a view towards long-term sustainable businesses.

Mucker Capital is also known for its distinctive approach towards venture capital. Unlike most VC firms that prioritize high-growth sectors, Mucker Capital invests across a wide variety of industries. They believe in investing in earnest, hard-working entrepreneurs who are building compelling businesses, regardless of the industry or market trends. This approach sets them apart in the startup and VC ecosystem.

Furthermore, Mucker Capital is committed to fostering diversity in the tech industry. It has signed the #FoundersForChange pledge, promising to consider diversity when making investment decisions. It also has a particular focus on female entrepreneurs, aiming to reduce the longstanding gender gap in the tech industry.

As a Scout, You Can...

Kickstart Your Venture Capital Career

Showing your skills in picking successful startups and advising founders is the surest way to build your reputation and secure a venture capital role.

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Help Your Ecosystem Thrive

Your community, region, or group thrives when its founders are given the chance to succeed before going back and reinvesting in their comunities.

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Earn a Share in Startups Without Investing in Them

Earn a share in startups you scout without the funds to invest directly just like a VC partner.

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Monetise Your Content & Community

As a podcaster, community manager, or event organiser you have a front-row seat to interesting startups which you can monetise by helping them fundraise.

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Create a Fairer Society

By identifying under-represented founders you're level the playing field for anyone to success based on merit independent from their social or ethnic background.

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Help Friends Get Funded

Help your friends who are neck-deep in their startups get the funding they need to succeed.

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Grow Your Personal Brand

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Startup Investor?

Receive dealflow opportunities from Mucker Capital Accelerator and stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and startups. Connect with us to find out how you can get involved in providing capital to individuals and startups.

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Do you interview founders & startups? Take your conversation insights to the next level by scouting your favourite podcast guests.

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Co-Working Space Organiser

Do you help run a co-working space as an organiser or a greeter? Do you come across interesting entrepreneurs and startups?

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Event Organiser

Do you organise an event, conference, or trade show? Help your founder attendees get discovered.

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Are you active in the entrepreneurship club at your college? Doing an MBA? Or are you a PHD student at a technical university? Help your fellow students get funded.

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