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Investment Focus

VamosVentures is a venture capital fund in the United States that focuses on Latinx and diverse founders that are building early-stage tech-enabled businesses. VamosVentures aims to create wealth, social mobility, and innovative solutions in order to earn financial returns and have a significant impact.

In fundraising rounds, the fund will lead, co-lead, or participate.

Because they were varied founders themselves and are now diverse investors, the fund intentionally focuses on diverse founders. They are intimately aware with the obstacles and possibilities produced by inefficient capital markets as they apply to different entrepreneurs.

The Diversity Term Sheet Rider has been implemented by VamosVentures.



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Further Reading

VamosVentures Kicks Off 2021 Scout Program

We also have a third goal, and that is to support the development of a robust and highly competent pipeline of Latinx and diverse venture capital investors. Along with being a partner for diverse founders, we believe that supporting diverse investors is necessary to level the entrepreneurial and capital markets playing field. For this reason, we are excited to announce the launch of our first Scout Program.

Announcing The Second Annual VamosVentures Scout Program!

Through our Scout Program, we aim to grow the pipeline of Latinx and diverse venture capital investors. Our goal is to build and highlight the venture careers of diverse individuals by giving them ownership over deals and providing access to resources and training.

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