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Sequoia Capital is an American venture capital firm.The firm is headquartered in Menlo Park, California and mainly focuses on the technology industry.It has backed companies that now control $1.4 trillion of combined stock market value, equivalent to 22 percent of Nasdaq.Notable companies that Sequoia invested in early on include Apple, Google, Oracle, Youtube, Instagram, Zoom, WhatsApp, Linkedin, and Paypal.

Sequoia has been regarded as one of the top venture capital firms in the world, managing multiple investment funds including funds specific to India & Southeast Asia,Israel,and China, in addition to the US.The firm has offices in Menlo Park, Singapore, Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, London and Tel Aviv.

Scout Program Details

‍How does the Sequoia scout program work?

In its first phase, Sequoia chose 20 technology founders a small fund allocation that they could invest as they see fit. The idea was for those scouts to invest in other founders in their network. The scouts were chosen directly by Sequoia. Since then the program has continued in different iterations. The Sequoia scout program is invite-only and doesn't have an open application process.

How are Sequoia scouts compensated?

The initial Sequoia scout program worked on a carry-share model. Each scout would get 45% of the carry whereas a 5% portion would go in a pool for the 19 other scouts to benefit from. Sequoia on the other hand would get the remaining 50% carry in each of the scout's investments.

Is the Sequoia scout program available in Europe?

Yes, it is available in Europe.

How can one apply to be a Sequoia Scout?

Unlike other scout programs the Sequoia scout program doesn't have an open application process and scouts are chosen based on an existing relationship with the firm.

Who are notable Sequoia scouts?

One notable Sequoia scout is Jason Calacanis who used part of his Sequoia scout allowance to make an early-stage investment in Uber. Another notable Sequoia scout who you may have heard of is Sam Altman who was at one point the president of Y Combinator and who invested a portion of his Sequoia fund in Stripe. There are many others who have joined the program since.

Who manages the Sequoia scout program?

A dedicated team at Sequoia (unaffiliated) manages the program.

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